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Kharkiv Ukraine

Starting as a small fortress back in the 17th century, Kharkiv has had an impressive journey. It served as the first capital of Soviet Ukraine in the 20th century and now boasts the title of Ukraine’s second-largest city.

A fine example of constructivist architecture, the Derzhprom building is a symbol of Kharkiv’s industrial heritage. Overlooking a fountain and landscaped gardens, it stands proudly on Freedom Square, one of the biggest central squares in Europe. Another significant landmark you should visit on your trip is the Byzantine-style Annunciation Cathedral, a candy-striped Orthodox church topped with five domes and a bell tower.

The M. F. Sumtsov Kharkiv Historical Museum features a modern glass facade and a permanent collection of over 300,000 objects. These chronicle the history and culture of Ukraine through exhibits on archaeology, art, world wars and more. If you prefer being outdoors, the Maxim Gorky Central Park for Culture and Leisure is an amusement park with dozens of themed rides, a carousel, a Ferris wheel and a children’s playground, as well as plenty of eateries and indoor entertainment. If you’re travelling with kids, the Kharkiv Zoo offers an educational experience with its oceanarium, rare birds and animals such as elephants, lions and tigers.


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