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Karpacz Poland

Cradled in the Karkonosze Mountains, Karpacz is an idyllic resort town gracing south-western Poland. This destination is characterised by pristine backdrops – from scenic hiking trails to snow-laden peaks – calling upon adventurers and nature lovers.

Karpacz rests on the foothills of Śnieżka, the highest mountain in the Sudetes, towering above the beautiful Karkonosze National Park. If you’re here during winters, you can enjoy a range of activities, such as skiing and tobogganing. In summer months, you can set out on a hike through the alpine landscape. You can also walk the clear paths or take the Kopa Ski Lift, making your way to a disc-shaped observatory and a wooden chapel at the mountaintop. Another exciting attraction in this town is the Alpine Coaster, a year-round toboggan ride that allows you to slide downhill at a speed of 35 km/h.

While this Polish city revels in the beauty of its surrounding mountains, it also offers some impressive things to see. One such landmark is the Wang Church, a remarkable wooden church that was moved from Scandinavia to Karpacz and assembled without using any nails. You can also head to a hill that runs alongside the Łomnica river to witness a gravity-defying optical illusion of cars and bottles rolling uphill.


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