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Karlsruhe Germany

Karlsruhe, located in southwestern Germany, balances the vibrant modernity of a city alongside its deep-rooted traditions. Located near the northern edge of the Black Forest and close to the Rhine, this city is today an industrial and technological hub.

The German city of Karlsruhe has a thriving theatre scene. Baden State Theatre is one of the most famous establishments in Germany with an opera house. This place owes its international fame to the Handel festival, an event that celebrates the works of the baroque composer George Frideric Handel. Diverse and informative, the museums in Karlsruhe display cultural, natural and historical collections. The State Museum of Baden stores ancient as well as contemporary history in exhibits, while the State Museum of Natural History is a pioneer in conducting geological, paleontological and biogeographical research. The Legal Historical Museum is another interesting stop that displays the history of law and the modern developments of law.

Karlsruhe can be easily accessed by train. For travellers visiting the city by flight, Frankfurt am Main International airport and Stuttgart airport are nearby options. You can also reach your destination by bus, however trains are comparatively more convenient. You can also loosen your purse strings a little to rent a car from the airport.


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