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Karlovy Vary
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Karlovy Vary Czech Republic

The Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary offers a selection of outdoor activities just a short distance from Prague. Within the city, you’ll find 13 hot springs, notable for their 14th century collonaded exteriors, where you can bathe and refresh yourself in their restorative waters. Afterwards, head to the Diana Observation Deck via a funicular train to admire picturesque views of the city and embark on hiking trails through forestry that has remained unchanged for centuries.

Much of the city’s architecture was built by wealthy Czechoslovakians during the 18th century and now lines the famous Teplá River. Elsewhere, hillside villas showcase neo Baroque and Renaissance-style architecture with the best being found at the Hotel Imperial or on the streets of Krále Jiřího. Here, you’ll be able to see the Russian orthodox church of Saint Peter and Paul, as well as the Chateau Tower in the city’s Old Town.

Karlovy Vary is home to some of the Czech Republic’s most unique food delicacies. Across the city’s restaurants and at the Jan Becher Museum, you’ll be able to sample and learn more about Becherovka – an after-dinner herbal liquor dating back 150 years. Additionally, the Karlovy Wafer, popularised by peckish spa-goers is another snack worth trying, now available in a selection of delicious flavours. After sampling local delicacies, head to the Postal Court Restaurant in the Old Town, to enjoy Czech staples and pilsner in an authentic setting.


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