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Kaohsiung Taiwan

The southern city of Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s largest port and second-largest city, is a thriving metropolis of cafés, cultural venues and architectural wonders.

There are plenty of exciting things to do and see in Kaohsiung. You can walk along the banks of the Love River and stop in at one of its waterside cafés. Some of Taiwan’s most popular markets are located here, such as the Jin-Zuan, Kaisyuan and Liuhe Night Markets, and are well worth exploring for a cultural fix. Creatives will love Pier-2 Art District, a sprawl of old warehouses rejuvenated as artisan shops, art galleries and eateries. Standing tall in the city centre is 85 Sky Tower, a captivating modern building with a pyramid-shaped crown. An observation deck on the 74th floor offers stunning views over the city and harbour and is accessed by high-speed elevators.

Kaohsiung is packed with a variety of historical and cultural monuments. Check out Lotus Pond to explore its variety of temples. The Dragon and Tiger Pagodas are highlights, reaching seven storeys high in vibrant red and yellow colours. Be sure to walk in through the dragon’s mouth and out through the tiger’s jaws to bring good luck. There’s also the captivating Kaohsiung Confucius Temple, renowned as the largest complex of its kind in the country.


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