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Kandy Sri Lanka

Considered by many as the entry point to the scenic Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, Kandy is an ancient city that offers a plethora of natural, cultural and historical attractions to visitors. Surrounded by forested mountains and tea plantations, Kandy has a relaxed vibe that is suitable for both exploration and relaxation.

Make your way to Kandy (Bogambara) Lake in the centre of the city to enjoy a leisurely stroll past a popular Buddhist temple, verdant scenery and savour views of the native fauna. Visit Arthur’s Seat nearby for sweeping views over the city and the lake. At Peradeniya suburb’s Royal Botanic Gardens, you’ll find thousands of plant species, landscaped areas, a lake and a suspension bridge. For birdwatching and wildlife spotting, head to Udawatta Kele Sanctuary, a forest reserve nestled in the hills of Kandy.

Kandy’s most famous attraction is the Temple of the Tooth, a pilgrimage site said to house a Buddha relic. This spiritually significant spot is a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated on the northern side of Kandy Lake and you can spend your time checking out the intricate carvings and art works in the main temple and adjoining smaller shrines. The Old Royal Palace of Kandy is located close by will give you a peek into the life of the Kandyan royals, with its displays of period furniture, garments and more. The massive Buddha statue at Bahirawakanda Temple is worth a visit too.


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