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Jiufen Taiwan

Once a gold mining town, today Jiufen is a seaside travel destination often visited as a getaway from Taipei. A trip to this Taiwanese town is all about scenic mountainous backdrops, cosy teahouses and narrow alleyways lit up with golden lanterns.

When visiting Jiufen, you can’t miss a walk around the Jiufen Old Street, a vibrant district packed with food stalls, cafés and souvenir shops. You can enjoy some Xiao Long Bao (soup dumplings) or a local beer in the company of mountain and sea views. One of the places that ought to be on your Jiufen itinerary is the Amei teahouse – a historic spot where you can indulge in tea tastings and admire the Japanese-style architecture. As you wander around the city, look out for eateries serving taro balls and peanut ice cream rolls – two of the town’s favourite snacks.

Though Jiufen is tucked away in the Ruifang District of Taiwan, it is easily accessible via multiple modes of transport. You can take a direct bus or hire a taxi from Taipei and enjoy a one-hour drive along the winding roads that lead to this town. Alternatively, take a train up to Ruifang Station and then complete your journey to Jiufen by bus.


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