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Jericoacoara Brazil

The secluded haven of Jericoacoara lies in northeast Brazi, nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and giant white-sand dunes. Sitting within a national park, it’s renowned for its coastal scenery and nightlife, as well as being a hotspot for watersports such as kitesurfing.

Jericoacoara is home to Praia Jeri – one of the most laid-back beaches in Brazil, with shallow turquoise waters and endless palm trees swaying in the sea breeze. There’s plenty to keep you occupied, such as windsurfing or kitesurfing, quad-bike tours along the dunes or capoeira lessons. Slightly closer to the centre, Praia da Malhada has some wonderful rock formations and is a prime spot for taking in the sunset. It’s also a short walk from The Arched Rock known locally as ‘Pedra Furada’. Time your visit right and you can capture an incredible photo of the sun setting through a hole in the rock.

Exploring Jeri’s natural scenery is one of the most popular things to do while in the city. Jericoacoara National Park offers plenty to see, such as the majestic Lagoa do Paraíso – a tranquil lagoon where you swing in a hammock beside the crystal-clear waters. At night, the city comes to life as beachside bars and restaurants serve up caipirinha cocktails and fresh seafood.


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