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Jiaoxi Taiwan

Tucked away in the northern part of Yilan County, the rural township of Jiaoxi is one of Taiwan’s best-kept secrets. From the pristine Wufengchi Waterfalls to the undisturbed Longtan Lake, the town is framed by scenic natural landscapes.

Jiaoxi is known to be a good weekend destination, particularly for travellers in Taipei who flock to this town to experience its hot springs. You can make your way to any hot spring park to pamper yourself with a dip in the mineral-rich waters. One of the main open-air spas is Tangweigou Hot Spring Park, where you can soak your feet in fish-filled ponds and enjoy a glass of green algae beer. If you’d like to unwind in a natural setting, head to Jiaoxi Hot Spring Park Forest Furo – a quieter bathhouse with several wooden paths and foot soaking tubs.

You can easily reach this town via the Taiwan Railway to Jiaoxi Railway Station. Another convenient mode of transport is the bus with a direct line running between Taipei Bus Station and Jiaoxi. This picturesque route runs along National Freeway No. 5, passing through the 13-km-long Hsuehshan Tunnel.


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