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Jakarta Indonesia

A dazzling cosmopolitan, Jakarta is home to towering buildings, historical treasures and a dynamic population. This Indonesian city blends the rich heritage of the country with its contemporary cityscape.

Jakarta boasts a number of museums, all of which take you back in time to retell stories of the country’s rich heritage. The National Museum paints a cultural, historical, geographical and ethnographic picture of Indonesia with a display of puppets, ancient jewellery, ceramics, woodwork and textiles, among other items. At Wayang Museum, you can observe a massive collection of puppets from various parts of the country and the world.

Jakarta’s Monas Tower is a city landmark that commemorates the lives lost during Indonesia’s struggle for independence. The observatory deck on top of the tower offers a panoramic view of the city. Kota Tua is said to be the first area of settlement in Jakarta and holds plenty of historical significance. Today, you can cruise around the square on colourful bicycles while observing the Dutch-style buildings of the place.

Jakarta has a delicious array of food items that simply cannot be missed when travelling to this city. Satay, or sate, is the country’s favourite and is a skewer of meat grilled over wood or charcoal served with a spicy peanut sauce. You can try pepes, an Indonesian version of spicy fish, meat or tofu wrapped in banana leaf and later steamed or grilled. Ayam Goreng, or fried chicken, served with spicy sambal sauce is also a regular favourite among locals and tourists alike.


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