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Interlaken Switzerland

Sandwiched between two glacial lakes and within easy reach of one of the world's most scenic alpine regions, Interlaken is a perfect jumping-off point for travellers looking to experience the best of Switzerland. Smack in the centre of the country, this resort town has served as an all-season nature escape for centuries.

Interlaken's proximity to the Bernese Alps spells all manner of outdoor adventure, from hiking to skiing. The Harder-Kulm funicular offers high-altitude views of town, while the cable car ride up the Niederhorn will give you a chance to spot wild ibex. Historic rack railway cars transport visitors to the trails on Schynige Platta and Brienzer, whose mountain ridge routes look out towards the Jungfrau. Lakes Thun and Brienz are especially scenic in the summer, when locals take to windsurfing, kayaking and riding steamboats to nearby towns.

While best known for its scenery, Interlaken also offers historic and cultural experiences. The 12th-century Interlaken Monastery and Castle provides a glimpse into the village's origins. Ballenberg is an open-air museum of historic farmhouses, barns and shops where you can watch crafting demonstrations on everything from woodcarving to lace-making. A similarly quiet life survives in Unterseen, a hamlet home to wooden chalets and traditional Swiss restaurants.

Interlaken's popularity is due in no small part to its ease of access. Two train stations, Interlaken Ost and Interlaken West, connect to nearly all major Swiss cities including Zurich, Geneva and Basel.


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