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Ilhabela Brazil

Ilhabela is an archipelago and city just off the Brazilian coastal state of São Paulo on the Atlantic Ocean. This quaint seaside destination is a Brazillian gem, offering breathtaking beaches with diving spots and hiking trails to the island’s high points. If all you need for a holiday are scenes of untouched nature and long relaxing days on golden sands, Ilhabela is the perfect pick.

As soon as you can, head out to Ilhabela’s beaches. Praia Grande and Feiticeira are favourites of tourists and locals alike, while Praia do Julião tucked between them features plenty of rock pools, making it a good spot for snorkelling. For something more secluded, check out Praia do Jabaquara and take in the views of sapphire-blue water, golden sands and lush green rainforests.

There are plenty of activities to keep you entertained in Ilhabela. Make sure you visit the 18th-century Church of Our Lady of Help, an iconic blue and white religious monument in the city. You can also take a hike through Ilhabela State Park, a nature reserve filled lush forests, mountains and waterfalls. The scenic point of Baepi Peak offers sweeping views of the island and ocean below.


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