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Iasi Romania

Romania’s second largest city, Iaşi, brims with historical and religious landmarks that often make travellers feel like they stepped into days of yore. As the centre of Moldovian culture, this city is home to several churches, monasteries, museums and art galleries. Contrastingly, you’ll find a large student population from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University taking over numerous pubs and eateries with their young energy.

On your trip to Iaşi, it’s almost imperative that you devote some time to explore the city’s architectural masterpieces. You can start by visiting the Palace of Culture – an emblematic neo-Gothic building that houses the Moldova National Museum Complex, comprising four museums. It overlooks Mănăstirea Trei Ierarhi (Monastery of the Three Hierarchs), another impressive edifice known for its exceptional stone lacery on the outside walls. Situated nearby is the Saint Nicholas Princely Church, one of the oldest religious monuments in Iaşi.

Iaşi is dotted with sprawling green spaces, offering a view different from its centuries-old landmarks and bustling streets. You can head to Copou Garders – the city’s oldest public park to spend an afternoon under the shade of linden and ash trees. In close proximity, lies the Anastasie Fătu Botanical Garden where you can walk along rose-laden paths and admire various colourful flowers like peonies, dahlias, orchids, tulips and more.


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