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Hurghada Egypt

Sitting on the Red Sea coast, the resort town of Hurghada is one of Egypt’s most-visited diving destinations. Boasting stunning coral reefs teeming with hundreds of colourful fish, the warm waters of the sea offer year-round scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities. Discover the vibrant marine life as well as fascinating shipwrecks at some of the popular dive sites around, such as Gota Abu Ramada, Carless Reef and Abu Nuhas. You can also take a boat to the nearby Giftun Islands for more water sports, or to simply sunbathe on its white sands.

To truly soak up Egyptian culture, set aside some time in Hurghada to experience the Sahara Desert in all its stark splendour. Plenty of tours offer activities like camel rides, quad biking and 4x4 safaris amid the windswept sand dunes. After a thrilling adventure, you can unwind under the stars at a Bedouin village – with a refreshing cup of mint tea, a tasty barbecue dinner and performances by traditional ‘tanoura’ dancers and fire-eaters. For a more cosmopolitan vibe, take a sunset stroll along the Hurghada Marina and watch as it comes alive with pretty lights. Afterwards, you can stop to dine at a seaside restaurant and admire the beautiful boats floating gently on the shimmering water.


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