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Hua Hin
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Hua Hin Thailand

There’s more to do in Hua Hin – Thailand’s original resort town – than simply relax on the sandy shores of its stunning beaches. A refreshing mix of city and sea, Hua Hin is filled with lively markets and cultural landmarks, making it the perfect destination for a getaway.

Hua Hin is packed with plenty of things to see and do, and its bustling markets should top your list. Hit the Hua Hin Night Market in the city centre for some seafood and handicrafts, and be sure to take in the lively scenes of daily life playing out. Just a little south of the city is the Cicada Market. where you’ll be able to taste food from Thailand and beyond, pick up trinkets from local artists and watch live entertainment at night.

Hua Hin boasts a variety of historical monuments. Check out the 1920s Mrigadayavan Palace on the seaside just north of the city. The complex is famous for the hundreds of teak wood pillars that hold it together, as well as its intricate lattice work and high ceilings. There’s also Wat Huay Mongkol, a buddhist temple with an enormous statue of the revered monk Luang Pu Thuat. He’s said to have performed miracles including turning saltwater into freshwater, inspiring many to pray here.


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