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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong one of the world’s most densely populated places, is a unique blend of Chinese and western culture, where ultra-modern high rises dominate the skyline. But it’s not all sky-scraping glitz. Beyond the steel and glass towers of the commercial district are the holy shrines, maze-like bazaars and clinking teahouses of the inner city.

In Kowloon, discover gleaming feng shui temples like Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin, chaotic markets selling everything from spicy stir-fries to lucky waving cats, and Tsim Sha Tsui East Promenade – the best place to view Hong Kong Island and its spectacular Symphony of Lights show.

Next, hop aboard the star ferry to Hong Kong Island, the epicentre of commerce which has earned the city its title of East Asia’s financial capital. Take the funicular to the summit of Victoria Peak to see the city laid out like a line of dominoes against a mountainous backdrop.

For all its razzmatazz, quiet places can still be sought out in Hong Kong. Spend some time in Victoria Peak’s woodlands or Kowloon's walled city park. If you go in summer, be sure to visit the uncrowded white-sand beaches of Clear Water Bay.


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