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Havana Cuba

Formerly known as the 'Paris of the Antilles' for its 18th-century prosperity, Havana owes much of its modern culture to the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Across the capital, you'll find vintage cars and architecture bearing Spanish influence, including the Palacio de los Capitanes Generales, Capitol Building and the Havana Cathedral – the former burial place of Christopher Columbus. Today, Havana relies on tourism, with over four million visitors lapping up its beaches and Latin American charm.

Havana has a wide selection of museums detailing its history. Head to the City Museum to see photographs of Old Havana or visit the Museum of the Revolution to learn more about Castro and the Cuban struggle. Spend an afternoon wandering around the coffee shops and galleries of Obispo, and explore the city's diverse culture at the National Museum of Fine Arts and the Ernest Hemingway Museum.

Havana is split into three districts, each with its own special charm. Take a classic car journey to the city's outer suburbs to find some of Cuba's best beach life, or journey to Vedado's Malecón – a famous promenade featuring cocktail bars, trendy restaurants and historical monuments. Within the city's UNESCO-listed Old Town, you'll find the vibrant neighbourhoods of Plaza Vieja and Plaza de San Francisco – a great spot to take advantage of Havana's thriving 'casa culture'. Try authentic Cuban cuisine at salsa bars like La Bodeguita del Medio and get a chance to mingle with Cuba's cigar-smoking raconteurs.


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