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Hangzhou China

Capital of the Zhejiang province, Hangzhou, invites travellers to experience its natural beauty, characterised by the Hangzhou Bay and the UNESCO-listed West Lake. Running across the lake is Su Causeway, where you can take a stroll or ride a bike along a tree-lined path with waterfront vistas. You can also enjoy a picnic at the Xixi Wetland, a massive park dotted with swamps, willows, plum trees and native wildlife.

This city is said to be the birthplace of the Dragon Well tea, making a trip to a tea plantation an obvious choice when planning your Hangzhou holiday. A visit to the National Tea Museum of Hangzhou will take you through the tales and traditions associated with China’s favourite beverage. You can also spend some quiet time amid the atmospheric landscape that surrounds Lingyin Temple, a historical Buddhist temple dotted with grottoes and statues.

There are numerous ways to take in the enchanting sceneries of Hangzhou – one of them being a cruise along the Grand Canal, the longest artificial canal in the world. You can also head to The Moon Reflected in Three Pools, an islet where three pagodas create a breathtaking view on full moon nights. Change the tempo of your trip by wandering around Wushan Square, a busy area with scenic viewpoints. You should also consider spending the day at one of China’s top springs – Hupao Spring – admiring the pavilions, pagodas and lush forest while sipping on a cup of fragrant Longjing tea.


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