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Guaruja Brazil

Brazil’s busy holiday destination, Guarujá, is fuelled by its golden coastline that flanks the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The town is frequented by those looking for a refreshing break from the teeming streets of its vibrant neighbour, São Paulo.

The balmy shores of Guarujá offer an ideal setting to unwind while reading a book or taking a long walk. One of the beaches worth visiting is the Enseada Beach – a breezy spot that will greet you with its swaying coconut trees and clear waters. If you want to swim, surf or sip on some beer, head to Pitangueiras Beach. To get away from the crowds, make your way to Perequê Beach – a simple yet scenic beach surrounded by fishing boats and seafood restaurants.

This coastal town will keep you occupied with a varied list of places to see. You can spend a quiet evening at the Lighthouse of Moela, situated on its namesake island, or enjoy a boat ride to the 16th-century Barra Grande Fortress. Another notable attraction in Guarujá is Acqua Mundo Aquarium, known for its interesting species of fish and reptiles.



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