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Fortaleza Brazil

Located in the Brazilian state of Ceará, Fortaleza is home to an energetic beach lifestyle and carnivalesque nightlife that's sure to rival Rio. While Fortaleza remains one of the nation's lesser-known holiday destinations, there's plenty to see and do while in the city.

Fortaleza’s tropical climate makes it suitable for sunbathing, with temperatures reaching 30°C during the summer months. On Praia do Futuro beach, you’ll find surfing and beach sports with a family-friendly atmosphere. The city’s thriving beach culture also means much of its nightlife is found on the sands, with DJs spinning tracks across the day and into the night on Croco Beach.

In Fortaleza’s city centre, the Castelao Stadium hosts exciting Brazilian football matches, while there’s opportunity for some retail therapy at the North Shopping Mall – one of Brazil’s largest shopping centres. In terms of city nightlife, head to music venues like the Arre Égua in Varjota for traditional Brazilian ‘forro’ dancing, or the Casario area for bars and nightclubs with a local feel.

The food culture in Fortaleza offers its own take on the national cuisine, with many restaurants serving churrasco and feijoada – a black bean and meat stew. While there are lots of places to eat on the beachfront, it’s worth taking a stroll along the promenade of Praia de Iracema to see what flavours you can find.


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