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Flensburg Germany

Situated in the northern part of Germany at the tip of the Flensburg Fjord, Flensburg is a key port along the Baltic Sea. This quaint town is steeped in maritime history and is strongly influenced by Danish culture.

A holiday in Flensburg will give you a glimpse of the city’s deep-rooted nautical heritage in one way or another. You can head to the Maritime Museum of Flensburg, browsing through exhibits that reflect the town’s seafaring past. You’ll also learn about how rum and sugar trade contributed to the wealth of the town. A good way to unwind is by strolling along the wooden walkway at the historic Flensburg Harbour with a view of sailboats and houses lined along the shore. If you’re looking for something different, visit Museumsberg Flensburg – one of the largest museums in Schleswig-Holstein – presenting art and cultural history from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

Flensburg is best explored with a Flensburger Pilsener in hand as you wander around the Old Town, admiring its distinct German and Danish architecture. You’ll pass by historical structures, such as the 12th-century church, Johanniskirche, and the impressive town gate, Nordertor. For something more adventurous, set out on a boat tour along the Flensburg Fjord or enjoy windsurfing, kayaking or paddleboarding.


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