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Flagstaff USA

Located in Arizona, Flagstaff is a city filled with monuments and surrounded by stunning landscapes. Here, visitors can reflect on America’s cultural history as well as look up to the stars.

There are plenty of exciting things to see and do in Flagstaff. You can learn all about space at the Lowell Observatory through a range of workshops, exhibits and telescopes. It's one of the counry's oldest laboratories, famed for being the place where dwarf planet Pluto was discovered back in 1930. Located at the base of the San Francisco Peaks on sacred land, the Museum of Northern Arizona offers an insight into the history and culture of the region's Native Americans.

Flagstaff has a lot to offer outdoor lovers – just remember to bring strong footwear. You can walk the loop at Buffalo Park and take in its scenic mountain views. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot some deer. There’s also Coconino National Forest, a sprawling natural landscape containing deserts, pine forests, ancient volcanic peaks, Native American ruins and more. It’s located just outside Flagstaff and is well worth the trip.


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