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Fez Morocco

Commonly referred to as Morocco’s cultural capital, Fès or Fez is a sprawling historical city. Here you can uncover ancient monuments and fascinating museums, and experience a culture that has survived through ages.

Fès is packed with historical attractions, many of which can be found in the UNESCO-listed Medina of Fès – the city’s oldest walled district. Here, visitors can wander bustling streets and discover mosques, palaces and gates. The crowning jewel of the city though, is the Dar al-Makhzen, otherwise known as the Royal Palace. The original building dates back over two thousand years, and today visitors stand in awe of its huge golden structure.

Morocco’s third-largest city is filled with museums, such as Dar Batha, a former palace that features an incredible collection of traditional artefacts. Located in the Medina of Fès, it’s packed with fine wood carvings, tiles, embroidery, carpets, ceramics and more. Be sure to check out an impressive collection of Moroccan weapons at the Museum of Arms too, located appropriately in the 16th-century Borj Nord fort.

If you’re a fan of views, a hike up Mount Zalagh will definitely be worth your time. Located just north of Fès, the mountain is filled with picturesque landscapes, grazing goats and soaring birds. At the top, you’ll be able to take in panoramic views of the Medina of Fès below.



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