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Evora Portugal

Évora, a picturesque city in Portugal, is known for its tranquil atmosphere and royal history. Once a residence of the Portuguese kings, Évora gained prominence after emerging as an ecclesiastical city. It's also a sought-after destination among art and culture lovers thanks to its stunning architecture, which designates it as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

During your Évora trip, try to visit the Chapel of Bones – a part of the Royal Church of St. Francis. As you walk along the halls of this chapel, you'll get a chance to see thousands of bones and skulls. This church was built to house these remains after the local burial ground ran out of space. Another place to visit – if you wish to learn more about the past of this Portuguese city – is the Cathedral of Évora. One of the oldest monuments, this building is situated at the highest point of the city. The Roman Temple of Évora, as the name suggests, was built by the Romans and, to this date, is one of the best-preserved monuments of the region. Listed as a World Heritage site in 1986, this temple has a number of columns and a large centre podium made of granite.

You can travel to Évora from Lisbon by bus or hire a car. Alternatively, you can travel by train that runs daily from the Portuguese capital to Évora.


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