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El Nido
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El Nido Philippines

Surrounded by verdant cliffs and azure waters, El Nido in the Philippines is a coastal settlement complete with beaches, lagoons and palm-lined shores. From relaxing by the beach to participating in water sports and adventures – there are lots to do on this island.

Among all the places in El Nido, Las Cabanas is one of the most sought-after destinations boasting clear waters, golden beaches and rolling hills. If you wish to see the ocean’s contrasting hues, head to Big Lagoon – a postcard-perfect pool surrounded by lofty cliffs. The water here teems with marine life like fish and clams, thus making it an ideal spot for kayaking and snorkelling. For more places to kayak, stop at Small Lagoon – a quiet corner bordered by limestone cliffs peppered with patches of greenery.

While one of the most convenient ways to travel from Manila to El Nido is by a turboprop plane, the most pocket-friendly way is to catch a flight to Puerto Princesa and finally hop on a van to El Nido.


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