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Dubrovnik Croatia

Often referred to as the 'Pearl of the Adriatic', Dubrovnik is a beguiling place. It's famous for its magnificent Old Town, baroque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture and panoramic views over the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Perhaps the most defining feature of the city itself lies in its 16th-century walls – a spectacular series of structures encircling the Old Town, which featured in numerous episodes of 'Game of Thrones'. A walk around these is a must when you're in Dubrovnik, as is a visit to Fort Revelin, a vast 15th-century fortress overlooking the picturesque Old Port.

Many of Dubrovnik's signature sites and attractions are housed in its UNESCO-listed Old Town – one of the world's finest and most perfectly preserved ancient cities. As you wander through the cobbled limestone streets and alleyways, you'll find yourself discovering endless historical gems, from the striking Rector's Palace – now housing a museum – to the Dominican Monastery known for its late Gothic cloisters and artworks.

By day, Dubrovnik is all about sipping coffee in quaint cafés and tucking into traditional 'zelena menestra' or green stew. But as night falls, the city comes alive with atmospheric bars serving fine Dalmatian wines and fancy cocktails. There are clubs here too – head to Culture Club Revelin for a chance to rave in a medieval fortress.

Outside of Dubrovnik itself, don't miss a trip to Lokrum Island – a peaceful spot housing a monastery, a botanical garden and even a nature reserve.



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