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Denia Spain

Denia is a port city on Spain's east coast, situated halfway between Valencia and Alicante. Named after the goddess Diana by the Romans, the city boasts a rich heritage with Islamic, Greek, Roman and Christian influences still prominent in its architecture.

The Moorish Denia Castle sits proudly on top of a small hill, overlooking the city and its picturesque marina. The fortification dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries, and is worth a visit for its informative museum and spectacular sea views. Housed in the upper part of the castle is the Archaeological Museum of Denia, which chronicles the various cultures that have called the city home over the years. Other noteworthy landmarks include the City Hall (Ajuntament de Dénia) and the 18th-century baroque Church of the Asunción, located a few steps from each other in the city centre.

Featuring twenty kilometres of coastline, Denia offers beaches that range from the golden sands of Les Marines in the north to the rocky coves of Les Rotes in the south. Nearby, the city’s port and marina both make great spots for people watching with a sunset drink or two. Denia is also a popular gateway to the Balearic Islands, which include summer favourites like Ibiza and Majorca.


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