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Daytona Beach
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Daytona Beach USA

There’s many things to do in Daytona Beach from sunbathing to NASCAR racing. Spend your days relaxing on the white sands or spotting wildlife and paddleboarding at the waterfront parks of Tomoka and Clulow Creek. Alternatively, catch a race at the Daytona International Speedway before sampling some of the delicious restaurants of the Ormond Beach Art District. Don’t leave without tasting the homemade pancakes at The Old Spanish Sugar Mill for a true Floridian experience.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Daytona without sampling some of its beaches, with each possessing its own unique vibe. Across Daytona Beach, Ormand and the Ponce Inlet, you’ll find spacious surroundings suited to beach wheelchairs and sunbathing. It’s always worth obtaining a temporary fishing license, with locals choosing to fish directly into the sea or from the comfort of Daytona’s famous pier. Head to one of Daytona’s many promenade restaurants to enjoy your catch of the day.

Following the arrival of European settlers, the indigenous Timucuan population was wiped out as Daytona became an important transportation route during the American Revolutionary War. Like many US cities, it was the arrival of the railroad that brought new prosperity with citrus plantations and the compact sands of Daytona Beach proving to be perfect for motorcycle racing and automotive invention. By the 1920s, Daytona gained renown as the ‘World’s Most Famous Beach’, as well as the official home of NASCAR.


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