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Darwin Australia

Situated in Australia’s Northern Territories, Darwin has historically been an important point of trade between the Australian mainland and Southeast Asia. Known by the indigenous community as Garamilla because of the white stone produced there, Darwin remains one of the nation’s most underrated cities, with a tropical climate that first attracted settlers from the HMS Beagle in the early 1800s. Darwin also holds the reputation of being the only location in Australia to have experienced Japanese bombing raids during World War ll. Since then, the region has long been known as an industrial centre of metalworking and aviational development, as well as a popular entry point to the Aborginal wonders of Alice Springs and Uluru.

Despite its isolated location, Darwin offers wealth of activities to enjoy and is accessible by train from other major cities around the country. Offering a diverse cultural mix of Australian and Asian influence, the city’s food scene is not one to miss. At the Darwin Waterfront Precinct, you’ll find a selection of restaurants serving fresh fish and chips, but if you’re looking to embark on a romantic walk, head to Stokes Hill Wharf for views of Darwin Harbour or visit the natural wonders of Litchfield and Marie River National Park. Elsewhere, the Darwin Botanic Gardens provide you with the chance to explore a lost city among lush rainforest, feed crocodiles and swim in Florence Falls. Alternatively, to gain a true understanding of Darwin’s indigenous culture, take a day trip to Tiwi Islands.


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