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Cork Ireland

As Ireland's second-largest city, Cork encapsulates quintessential Irish charm through its cheerfully snug pubs, friendly locals and quaint narrow streets.

The city centre is situated on an arrow-shaped island, with a network of waterways fed by the River Lee meandering through it. Pretty much everything is within walking distance so it's easy to explore the main attractions without relying on public transport. However, some attractions are worth venturing slightly outside the centre for, such as Cork City Gaol – an imposing former prison portraying what life was life for the inmates a century ago. Another is the Fota Wildlife Park and Arboretum, which allows its animals to roam in a free-range environment. If time allows, take the cliff walk from Ballycotton village to Ballyandreen beach, offering beautiful views best captured in good weather.

No visit to Cork is complete without a walk over the iconic Daly's bridge (also known as the 'Shaky Bridge'). This pedestrian bridge spans the entire River Lee and offers some scenic views. Make sure you've marked up your map with a few popular nightlife spots as well, such as Sin é for live performances of traditional Irish music and plenty of cool bars and clubs dotted around the centre.

The city also plays host to some important cultural events, such as the Midsummer Festival, a film festival and a jazz festival attracting top acts from all over the world.



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