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Cordoba Argentina

Whether you're in search of ancient history or modern thrills, you'll find it in Córdoba. Argentina's second-largest city behind Buenos Aires is a fascinating mix of old and new, known as much for its Jesuit ruins and historic university as it is for its forward-thinking art galleries, cuarteto-thumping music venues and outdoor adventure.

To acclimate yourself to Córdoba's local culture, head to Plaza San Martín. The square is lined with some of the city's most important historical landmarks, including the Cathedral of Córdoba and the Jesuit Block – a UNESCO-listed area of estancias and schools including the University of Córdoba, one of the oldest universities in South America. Stop inside the Museo de la Ciudad for a lesson in Argentinian art, history and natural science.

Due to the amount of educational institutions in Cordoba, the local population is predominantly young students with a hunger for entertainment. The city feeds the demand by offering top-notch restaurants, bars and clubs as well as shopping malls. Sports fans can also catch a match at Mario Alberto Kempes Football Stadium, which was originally built for the 1978 Fifa World Cup.

Located in a scenic area of Argentina and close to the Primero River, Córdoba offers a good variety of outdoor activities to offset city life. From Capilla del Monte to La Falda, the surrounding area is well-known for hiking and climbing, while parasailing, horseback riding and spelunking opportunities all lure outdoor enthusiasts on road trips beyond the city's outskirts.


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