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Copenhagen Denmark

Admired throughout the world for its groundbreaking design, Denmark's capital of Copenhagen features some of the country's best architecture, alongside a multitude of Michelin-starred restaurants. The city's cultural prestige is also evident through its wide selection of galleries and museums, including the Experimentarium, Danish National Gallery and Nationalmuseet. It's also worth a jaunt over to Christiansborg Palace on the small island of Slotsholmen. Dating back over 800 years, the imposing building houses the Danish Parliament Folketinget, the Supreme Court, and the Ministry of State. You'll also be able to see the balcony where Danish monarchs are proclaimed.

To experience the best of Danish design, stop by the Design Centre or the Design Museum Danmark, both showcasing the country's knack for creating stunning Modernist architecture. The capital is also home to the two oldest functioning amusement parks in the world, with Tivoli Gardens located in the city centre and Dyrehavsbakken situated in a picturesque beech forest to the north.

Copenhagen's cuisine scene includes a range of tasty options for all budgets, but for something typical, look no further than a Smørrebrød open-faced sandwich. If you want to splash out on some New Nordic specialities, try dining somewhere like Kadeau or Noma which plate up cutting-edge gourmet meals.

Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport serves most major airlines and low-cost carriers, with mainline trains running between the terminals and the city centre.


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