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Chisinau Moldova

The centrally located capital of Moldova, Chişinău is worth a visit for its Soviet-era architecture, abundant greenery and surrounding wineries. Every year, the country’s autumn harvest is celebrated here with the National Wine Day festival.

One of the most important landmarks in Chişinău is the neoclassical Cathedral of Christ's Nativity. Featuring columns and a dome, its simple facade gives way to a lavish interior adorned with frescoes. The church is situated across from the clock-topped Triumphal Arch, both of which stand tall in the beautifully laid out Cathedral Park. The best way to take in these monuments is on foot – walk a few steps from the arch and you’ll come across the City Hall, built in classic Italian-Gothic style.

The parks in Chişinău offer a lot more than just tranquil green spaces for a peaceful interlude or an evening run. Cathedral Park, for example, houses some of the country’s iconic landmarks as well as small eateries and a 24-hour flower market. Adjacent to it is the Ștefan cel Mare Central Park with floral gardens, fountains and a bronze statue of Stephen the Great – one of Moldova’s beloved rulers. The most picturesque is Dendrarium Park, where you can enjoy a stroll amidst colourful blooms, lily ponds, a creek and a lake populated with ducks.


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