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Cesky Krumlov
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Cesky Krumlov Czech Republic

A two-plus-hour drive separates Prague from the tiny Czech town of Český Krumlov in far southern Bohemia, but few journeys are as worthy of the trek. Its UNESCO-listed Old Town is like a living fairytale, complete with narrow cobbled streets, Renaissance-era architecture and a hilltop medieval castle that looms over town.

Strolls through Český Krumlov's Old Town offer lessons in local history. In the early 1300s, the noble Rosenberg family moved into Český Krumlov Castle and lived there for over three centuries. The castle complex still dominates the skyline; inside, you'll find fine furniture, paintings, tapestries and other artefacts in its ballroom, chapel and royal apartments. The garden also deserves a visit, as does the bell tower for sweeping views of the city below. You can see the tombs where the Rosenbergs are buried at the late Gothic St Vitus Church, known for its towering spire.

There are a handful of spots in Český Krumlov to take in Czechian culture. The Egon Schiele Museum showcases works by the Austrian Expressionist painter as well as other European artists including Dalí, Klimt and Picasso. Music lovers make a beeline for Minorite Monastery, which hosts religious concerts and recitals in its historic hall.

You don't need to venture far from Český Krumlov to experience Bohemia's famous landscapes. Rafting down the Vlatava River, which cuts through town, is a great way to take in nearby villages and pristine scenery. Hikes and bike rides offer additional options for exploring the surrounding forests.



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