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Carcassonne France

Reminiscent of a fairytale town, Carcassonne is an ancient city located in the southern side of France. With cobblestone streets and medieval castles, Carcassonne transports you back to a simpler time. Elsewhere, bustling cafes, bars and boutique shops signal Carcassonne’s status as a thriving, modern city.

The Carcassonne Medieval City is one of the top sites to visit during your Carcassonne trip. A UNESCO-listed site, this fort is a tourist destination in itself. Château et remparts de la Cité de Carcassonne is the main castle building within the fortifications. This is now a museum housing items dating back to Roman times. Carcassonne Cathedral is another must-visit stop. Its stained-glass windows and white stone exteriors may seem simple, but the intricate designs on the inside are a true work of art. A walk across the Pont Vieux gives you a pleasant view of surrounding buildings. This 12th-century bridge was built over the River Aude as a link between the Bastide Saint Louis and the Medieval City.

Carcassonne is packed with plenty of things to see and do. A cruise down the scenic Canal du Midi is one such magical affair. Shopping in the markets of Bastide Saint Louis or the walled Cité is an unmissable event. Here, you can buy old maps, miniature swords or buy stylish clothing items like woollen coats and scarves. Located in a large wine-producing region, Carcassonne is a wine lover's paradise. Take part in a vineyard and winery tour when you're at this place.


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