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Campos do Jordao
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Campos do Jordao Brazil

Encircled by pine forests and lofty mountains, Campos do Jordão is a part of the state of São Paulo in Brazil. This charming city is dotted with Swiss and German-style architecture, while the surrounding mountains are home to pine trees and a number of local birds and animals.

From taking long walks amidst the greenery to educating yourself on local culture, Campos do Jordão offers a wide range of activities. Stop by the Felicia Leirner Museum, an art museum featuring works of a Polish-born sculptor of the same name. For a peek into the history of the city, visit Boa Vista Palace, the governor's former residence, and see a collection of items belonging to various time periods, like furniture, religious pieces, paintings and sculptures.

Any Campos do Jordão itinerary will include a stop at Amantikir, a green space surrounded by the Mantiqueira Mountains. Boasting scenic views, this spot houses more than 700 species of plants and flowers. If you're looking to reconnect with nature, then the Elephant hill viewpoint is just the right place for you. With panoramic views of the city, framed by bluish-green mountains, and the sound of wind whispering through the trees, this is truly a must-visit spot in Campos do Jordão.

The city of Campos do Jordão is connected by road to São Paulo through the Rodovia Floriano Rodrigues Pinheiro, a single-lane highway. For a more picturesque journey, you can try the railroad from Pindamonhangaba to Campos do Jordão.



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