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Caceres Spain

Cáceres is an understated Spanish city with well-preserved stone walls, narrating stories of its eventful past. This fortified city prides itself on the abundance of its cultural riches and humble, yet authentic local gastronomy.

The Old Town of Cáceres is a characterful ensemble of Roman, Gothic, Islamic and Renaissance architecture. You’ll see the Arco de la Estrella – the main gate guarding the walled town – leading the way to ochre-hued medieval walls and historic palaces crowned with spires, turrets and storks’ nests. A good way to explore this UNESCO-listed city is to walk around the 12th-century public square, Cáceres Plaza Mayor. Prominent structures that you'll come across include the Bujaco Tower built by the Arabs and the Palace of the Golfines de Abajo, a Gothic-style stately mansion. The meandering cobblestone streets will take you to two remarkable churches – the Pro-cathedral Church of Santa María and the San Juan Church.

Cáceres is known for ‘Torta del Casar’, a popular cheese made from raw sheep’s milk that you can taste at one of the many cheese shops in the city. The cuisine of the city offers an interesting mix of local flavours and produce. You can try ‘patatera’, a typical sausage from Extremadura, and the Iberian ham called ‘Jamón ibérico’. For dessert, try the traditional puff pastry, ‘técula mécula’ or delicious milk-soaked dough balls called ‘sapillos’.



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