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Cabo Frio
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Cabo Frio Brazil

Cabo Frio is a coastal destination in Brazil’s state of Rio de Janeiro. It is home to some of the country’s most scenic beaches and is a popular surfing destination. Like plenty of other Brazilian beach towns, Cabo Frio offers an interesting blend of sun-drenched shores and rustic charm.

One of the most famous beaches in Cabo Frio, Praia do Forte is characterised by soft, white sand and cool blue waters that give the city its name (‘Cabo Frio’ means ‘cold cape’ in Portuguese). As you soak up the sunshine on this beach with a drink in hand, make sure to keep an eye out for sea turtles. If you're after water sports, Praia do Peró and Praia das Dunas offer strong waves that are ideal for surfing. A short boat ride away lies the Ilha do Japonês – or Japanese Island – an islet in a little lagoon whose calm waters are populated by crabs and colourful fish.

The oldest neighbourhood in Cabo Frio, Passagem is a charming area that’s worth exploring on foot. Here, you’ll find cobbled streets lined with flower-laden colonial houses and local restaurants serving up fresh seafood dishes typical of the region. This characteristic district is also home to the Chapel of St Benedict, whose whitewashed facade is contrasted with its bright blue door and windows.



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