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Bucharest Romania

Located on the banks of the Danube River, Bucharest’s iconic cityscape offers insight into its Ottoman and Soviet past. While the Romanian capital also features a selection of museums and nightlife, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to taste some of the city's traditional Balkan dishes that are at the forefront of its thriving food scene.

The history of Bucharest is evident in its buildings. From the progressive interwar years of Bauhaus and art deco, to the modernist structures of the communist era, the 'Paris of the East' boasts one of Europe's most diverse architectural profiles.

As one of the world’s heaviest buildings, the Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest offers a poignant location to learn about the city's history and former leadership. Alternatively, a trip to the Museum of Art Collections will allow you to see artworks by Picasso and Matisse.

The cobblestone streets of Bucharest’s Old Town are lined with craft markets and restaurants, while the expansive greenery of Cișmigiu Gardens is suitable for outdoor picnics. If nightlife is what you're after, the Lipscani district is a booming hotspot. For vintage stores and more shopping streets, check out the Piata Romana area.

A visit to Bucharest would not be complete without sampling some of its famous cabbage rolls – a staple Romanian dish of pork, herbs, rice and sour cream. Throughout the city, you’ll find restaurants serving a whole range of global cuisines but it’s The ARTIST in Calea Victoriei that comes out on top with its seasonal dishes.



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