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Bruges Belgium

Canals gliding through colourful Flemish buildings, ringing bells of the churches and cobblestone streets alive with the chatter of thousands – Bruges is a city that offers beauty, culture and exuberance all at once.

The rich history associated with Bruges is best understood throughout its museums, of which the Groeninge Museum is a must visit. With an extensive collection of paintings, this place is home to many iconic European artworks by Jan van Eyck, De Smet, Ducq and others from various time periods. You can also take a dip into the history of chocolate and cocoa in the Choco-Story Chocolate Museum.

Minnewaterpark occupies a niche of its own in this busy Belgian city. This relaxing space provides stretches of grassy land dotted with tall trees and vibrant flowers, along with a swan-filled lake and an asymmetrical bridge. With quiet corners and intimate spaces, this park is a perfect place to catch a small break.

Bruges is one of the most diverse gastronomic destinations in Europe. Apart from its world-famous chocolate, Bruges has some of the best seafood and vegetarian dishes. During your tour, you can try its Flemish stew, also known as stoofvlees. Although there are a number of versions, this stew uses beef as a chief ingredient and is slow cooked in beer. Since a tour to Bruges is incomplete without a glass of beer, make sure to stop at Brouwerij De Halve Maan for a glass of Brugse Zot, the authentic beer of Bruges.


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