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Brasilia Brazil

Innovative architecture, symmetrical city planning, and urban designs, Brasília is a piece of the future in the very heart of Brazil. The rapid development of the city, along with its unique resemblance to a soaring bird, has earned Brasília the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The former president of Brazil wanted to transform the then sparsely-populated area of Brasília into a modern hub – a dream that was achieved in less than five years. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the Planalto Palace is the official workplace of the Brazilian president. It is a fine example of modern design, featuring a white concrete roof balanced by several white-marbled columns. The slanted glass roof, floating staircase and bright open halls of the National Theatre is another example of Niemeyer’s architectural brilliance. The unconventional shape of the Metropolitan Cathedral offers a spectacular preview of the distinctive interiors of the structure. Flooded with bright lights from the glass mosaic dome, the centre of the cathedral houses statues of angels and the Four Evangelists.

Brasília is connected by bus and metro lines. However, it is best to rent a car and drive your own vehicle in the city or travel in a taxi. There’s a lack of crosswalks and traffic lights, so it’s advisable to try and avoid getting around the city on foot.


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