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Bombinhas Brazil

Southern Brazil is blessed with beautiful coastlines, and Bombinhas has some of the prettiest you'll find in Santa Catarina. The municipality sprawls across a narrow peninsula that extends into the south Atlantic, and contains no less than 22 beaches within its perimeters – and all the booming tourism of sun-seeking holiday-goers that comes with it.

Swimming and snorkelling are two of the most popular ways to spend time in Bombinhas. The area's clear, blue waters and rich marine life provide more than enough reason to spend the majority of your holiday in and by the sea. The surf is especially calm by Bombas Beach and Bombinhas Beach – two of the area's most frequented sands thanks to their proximity to hotels and restaurants. Lagoinha is much smaller, with a protected tidal pool that's ideal for snorkelling, while Praia de Quatro Ilhas's stronger waves draw more surfers.

If you can tear yourself away from Bombinhas's scenic shores, you'll find a bevy of lush parks and trails that offer equally impressive views. The Municipal Park of Morro do Macaco features overlooks of Mariscal and Canto Grande Beach, while Galheta Municipal Park spotlights the area's flora and fauna. Don't miss a visit to the Mirante Eco 360˚ viewpoint, whose mountain summit affords sweeping views all the way to the island of Florianópolis.


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