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Bogota Colombia

Bogotá is a stunning example of the peaceful coexistence between the opposing ideas of tradition and modernity. From historical museums and cathedrals to a lively food scene and nightlife, the capital city of Colombia celebrates both.

The cultural opulence of Bogotá is best reflected in its museums and squares. Bolívar Square – surrounded by historical structures – and Chorro de Quevedo Plaza are two important squares that host cultural events regularly. A visit to the Gold Museum, with its large collection of gold artefacts, offers insights into pre-Spanish Columbia and the ritualistic use of gold back then. Botero Museum features Fernando Botero’s best works, including a parody of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Bogotá is known as the powerhouse of Colombia with a multitude of clubs and pubs that light up the city streets at night. Sway to the beats of Colombian music at La Negra, a popular club, and try the alcoholic beverage of aguardiente. Armando Records is another club where the terrace plays relaxing retro music while the ground floor pulsates with electro music.

Bogotá, although not a popular gastronomic destination, offers a tray full of diverse dishes. Ajiaco is a chicken soup with potatoes and corn served with rice. Visit Misia by Leo Espinosa and take a bite of the delightful arepa, a tortilla-like dish made with wheat, butter and sugar and stuffed with meat. Later, you can wash down your heavy meal with a cup of herbal fruit tea.



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