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Blois France

Located between Orléans and Tours in central France, the historical city of Blois is dotted with regal chateaux, towering cathedrals and historical squares.

Blois Castle or Château de Blois, on the northern bank of the Loire, is one of the most visited attractions in the city. Originally a medieval structure, this castle has different parts rebuilt in the Gothic, Renaissance and Classical architectural styles. The rich history of Blois Castle is its key highlight – this is where Joan of Arc sought blessings before storming off to the battlefield with her army. Another important site is the Cathedral of St. Louis of Blois, a 10th-century church boasting a bell tower visible from all over the town. While exploring the city, visit the Maison de la Magie to see iconic works of famous illusionists.

Owing to its convenient location in the heart of Loire Valley, Blois is speckled with some of the region's best wineries. Often the starting point of Loire valley's wine route, Blois is closest to the appellations of Cheverny and Cour Cheverny. The area is known for its crisp, elegant and fresh Sauvignon Blanc wines – and you can taste them in the wineries of Domaine du Vivier and Domaine Octavie.


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