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Bergen Norway

Situated on the west coast of Norway, Bergen is a colourful harbourside city, home to majestic fjords, bustling fish markets, impressive museums and a unique platter of culinary delights.

Bergen is an ancient city with museums that showcase its vibrant history. The Hanseatic Museum is one such place that displays the lives of the German merchants who migrated to the trading hub of Bergen city. The Grieg Museum has preserved the memory of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg, along with his precious piano. Today the museum stands where Grieg spent the last years of his life. Bergen’s Maritime Museum provides insights into Norway’s seafaring history – starting from the days of the Vikings to modern times – with a wide range of antique vessels on display.

Surrounded by seas and home to fjords, Bergen is the ultimate destination for seafood lovers. The culinary culture of this city offers fine dishes prepared with mussels, scallops, crabs, prawns and a multitude of fresh fish. Bergen is also a member of UNESCO’s City of Gastronomy network, thanks to the city’s coastal cuisine. When touring, you can try some of the traditional Norwegian food items like fish soup, lapskaus (Norwegian stew with meat and potatoes), meatballs and persetorsk – a dish featuring cod marinated in a sugar and salt solution. While exploring the city, you can grab a skillingsboller or some reindeer sausage from a street stall.

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