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Belgrade Serbia

Belgrade, locally known as Beograd, offers a wealth of historical and cultural attractions to visitors. From museums to nightlife, the city is overflowing with things to do.

Heritage structures in Belgrade are a testament to how this city was shaped by major events in European history. This is especially evident at Belgrade Fortress – one of Serbia's most-visited attractions. This ancient landmark sits at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers and has been a strategically important conquest for several empires. Another prominent monument is the Temple of Saint Sava, which has an imposing white exterior and a beautiful golden interior. At the Nikola Tesla Museum nearby, you’ll find thousands of original drawings, photographs and instruments belonging to the eponymous inventor.

A night out in the capital of Serbia includes a trip to one of the many splavovi – boats and barges – anchored along the banks of the rivers. These floating clubs, bars and restaurants offer a variety of entertainment and music options ranging from Serbian folk to pop. You can go dancing, wining or dining at these splavovi and even hop from barge to barge in the peak of summer.

For some outdoor fun in Belgrade, head to Ada Ciganlija, a peninsula on the Sava River. You can try bungee jumping, water skiing and other exciting activities at this destination. Hiking and biking can be enjoyed at both Ada Ciganlija and Kalemegdan park. The latter also has several walking trails that offer scenic views of the surroundings.



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