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Beirut Lebanon

The capital of Lebanon, Beirut, doubles up as a cultural hotspot, fusing eastern and western influences with its architecture, history and lifestyle. The city is situated on a headland that juts into the Mediterranean Sea, giving beachgoers picture-postcard views.

Packed with historical tales of Beirut are public squares, such as 19th-century Place des Martyrs – a prominent spot for civil gatherings – and Place de l'Etoile - Nejmeh Square that is home to the Lebanese Parliament. You’ll spot notable museums, churches and sculptures dotted around these squares complemented by quaint coffee shops and restaurants.

Beirut is a fashion-forward city with everything from traditional souks to high-end boutiques. The Beirut Central District, also known as Downtown Beirut, is a premier shopping destination lined with plenty of retail outlets where you can shop for clothes, jewellery, art and antiques. Walk around Beirut Souks, the city’s biggest shopping strip, steeped in history and luxury.

While Beirut often tends to be a destination for day-trips, you’ll find a plethora of things to do if you choose to stay longer. Encircling the Beirut promontory is the Corniche, a palm tree-lined esplanade, where you can watch a sunset over the sea. As you stroll a little further, you’ll get to spot the giant Pigeons’ Rock off the coast of Rouché. To acquaint yourself with the city’s prehistoric and medieval past, make your way to the National Museum of Beirut.


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