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Bath UK

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bath is brimming with history and rooted in ancient Roman culture. True to the city’s name, the Roman Baths are the highlight here, featuring some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the world, hot springs with emerald green water and a museum housing numerous artefacts. Since these historical baths are not open to the public for a swim, you can head to the nearby Thermae Bath Spa for a rejuvenating soak in thermal waters and stunning views from its rooftop pool.

Bath is one of the most-visited destinations in England, drawing fans of architecture and literature from all over. You can step into the romantic world of a famous English novelist at the Jane Austen Centre, and even indulge your British fancies by dressing up in Regency finery or having ‘Tea with Mr. Darcy’ at the museum’s themed tea room.

Boasting some of the finest examples of Georgian architecture, the City of Bath is soaked in hues of honey yellow, with most of its impressive structures crafted from golden Bath stone. You can join a free walking tour covering the city’s top sights, including the terraced townhouses that create the sweeping Royal Crescent and the three sets of houses that form the perfect circle of The Circus. Aside from Georgian marvels, Bath Abbey showcases intricate Gothic stonework and stained-glass windows, while the Palladian-style Pulteney Bridge is one of a handful of bridges in the world with shops on both sides.


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