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Bari Italy

Situated on the south-eastern coast of Italy, the port city of Bari takes you back in time, yet keeps you grounded to modern times. The unique combination of old and new is reflected on its many historical cathedrals and squares, as well as the contemporary art galleries and shopping streets.

Owing to its strategic position near the sea, Bari has welcomed various cultures, the traces of which are still present in this city. The city centre is dominated by the Basilica San Nicola, a 12th-century building with striking interiors featuring a gold ceiling with paintings and sculptures. A short walk away from San Nicola is the church of San Sabino with its white fa├žade and ornate windows. Inside, you’ll get to see a well-decorated crypt and a number of white stone and marble sculptures and designs. To understand Bari’s history better, you can also stop at the Castle of Bari, a 12th-century fort surrounded by moat on three sides.

There are a number of places to visit around Bari. An hour away is Egnazia, an ancient coastal town in ruins. Here, you'll see human settlements dating back to the Bronze Age. Alta Murgia National Park is another spot that you can visit during your trip. Located approximately an hour away from the Puglian capital, this park offers forests and open pastures where you can go for a hike. Inland from Bari is the historical town of Altamura, where you can view medieval city walls and stop at Altamura cathedral.


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