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Bandung Indonesia

Set at an altitude of 768 metres in the company of rugged volcanic peaks, Bandung punches above its weight with its refreshing mountain breeze, undulating coffee plantations and therapeutic hot springs. This highland city is a popular weekend destination in Indonesia, steeped in history and rich Sudanese culture.

The capital city of West Java is dotted with some prominent structures worthy of a visit, such as the art deco-style Villa Isola and the neo-Gothic St Peter's Cathedral. You can also make your way to the neoclassical building of Gedung Sate adorned with native Indonesian elements and the 19th-century Grand Mosque of Bandung.

You’ll find several museums in Bandung displaying historical artefacts and local artworks. Browse through a variety of fossils, crystals and rocks at Bandung Geological Museum or get a glimpse of prehistoric relics from the Hindu-Buddhist era and traditional Sundanese crafts at the Sri Baduga Museum. You can also have a look at sculptures and paintings by local artists at Barli Museum.

Bandung offers an eclectic choice of retail experiences. Shop from local and international stores at the European-themed Bandung Indah Plaza or get a good deal on clothes, shoes and bags at Rumah Mode Factory Outlet. You can also pick up a pair of trendy jeans from Cihampelas Walk or tuck into a delicious local snack at Sudirman Street Day and Night Market.


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